About us

Plumbing Pool is one of the trustworthy platforms which assists its visitors to get assistance in certain problems related to kitchen and bathroom. Home improvement is one of the major segment of a daily routine life which should never be neglected. Home is the only place for a person to enjoy the mental peace. The major segments of the home are kitchen and washroom. That’s why we understand the home improvement and maintenance needs of the residents who are living in either their own homes or in any residential apartment.

The magnificent feature about us is that our team is highly proficient in helping our visitors and entertaining them with genuine and unbiased reviews about all the mentioned products. Our aim is to assist our audience in their buying decisions. We enable our visitors to take their purchasing decisions according to their real need. Hiring a plumber is not always the best solution that’s why people tend to adopt some self-made remedies. So, along with providing the buying guides and unbiased product reviews, we believe in educating and helping our audience about how to resolve various Plumbing issues with some quick DIY techniques. Most of the people usually adopt some unprofessional remedies for applying fixtures. Instead, we enable people to turn their self made remedies into professional and workable steps through which they can resolve their problems like a real plumber.

Your all “How to” questions and “step by step guides” related to the installation of kitchen and bathroom faucets, repairing of sanitary related products, and maintenance of kitchen-related accessories are genuinely addressed and covered by our professionals on Plumbingpool.com If our visitors make any purchase by clicking any of the links, we may earn a little commission which will make no extra cost to you but will surely motivate us to keep yourself updated with the latest information and buying guides regarding the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. We will be more than happy to assist you with our honest suggestions about faucets, showerheads, sinks, bathtubs, and water heater according to the customized need and preference of every visitor