How to unclog shower head in simple steps – DIY Solution

Don’t be tempted to buy the new fancy and shiny shower heads because you are about to discover the best ways of unclogging shower head.

You mostly stand beneath the shower head to experience the mesmerizing and refreshing shower. Usually, you feels disappointed when the water scatters in millions of directions instead of centre-focused.

We presumably understand how awful it feels to stand there, not getting soak but croaked in frustration.  But no need to worry anymore because we are sharing our expert’s advice on how to unclog shower head.

Whenever you think of spending a Sunday afternoon scrubbing away the bathroom to polish the walls or floors or scouring the sink for a gleaming shine, your mind seldom wander to the old stuck up shower head. That unclean shower head is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, quickly multiplying in hot and humid conditions.

Don’t worry, you will get to know the step by step process of cleaning the clogged shower head by opening as well as without opening method effectively. It definitely worths learning the process because that shower head isn’t going to clean itself automatically!

But if you feel this sowerhed isn’t going to clean anyway and you made up your mind to buy either new showerhead or some Cool Touch Faucets for Kitchen, you are welcome to do so.

Why do shower heads get clogged and dirty?

Before you go through the process of unclogging your shower head, you must know why shower heads get dirty in the first place. Various factors contribute to this problem:

  • A build-up of tiny organic matter in the nozzles of the shower head
  • The build-up of microscopic debris floating in the water
  • The build-up of minerals and salt dissolved in water

Unfortunately, these problems persist in both city water and well water. There is almost naturally no escape from water problems because all water types have minerals and debris in varying quantities.

Most of the faucets and shower heads have low quality build material, that’s why you have to use some best quality faucet brands or showerhead brands so that they don’t get clooged very often.

However, a far-reaching, all-sweeping clean is just what you need to remedy the pesky problem at hand.

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How to Unclog shower head – by opening?

Water contains all sorts of minerals from calcium to potassium, so naturally, the nozzles in your shower head clog overtime. These mineral coming from hard water jam the flow of water, preventing it from flowing freely.

It is necessary to clean it thoroughly to enjoy a relaxing shower. So here is a step by step guide on unclogging shower head by opening it:

Step1: Remove your shower head

Although it’s easy to say but highly effective in results; you can clean your shower head by removing it. This allows you to thoroughly clean the nozzle as well. For those modern types which are simply screwed to the pipe, you would just need to turn the shower head anticlockwise, and it will tumble into your hand.

For the older versions, you’d need a bit more workout to wrench it out with an adjustable wrench, but be careful lest you scratch the surface.

Step 2: Bath time for your faucet

You might be wondering now how to clean a partially clogged shower head. It’s simple! Get a large container and pour in a baking soda and vinegar (ideally 1/3 cup of baking soda for each cup of vinegar) and submerge the shower head and leave it overnight for a deep clean.

If you are still struggling in unclogging shower head then a more strong cleaning solution will be a great option as mentioned in step 3.

Step 3: Simply Scrub

Take the shower head out of the solution of baking soda + vinegar. Get the small grits and stones out from each hole of nozzle gently with a toothpick. Don’t forget to give it a final scrub with an old toothbrush while continuously dunking it underneath the cleaning solution for extra shine.

This requires gritty determination, but it’s definitely worth the try. 

Step 4: Rinse it out

It’s time for the final inspection. Check out the shower head for any leftover grit or stone and pick them out with a cotton ball or toothpick. Dry it with a clean towel to avoid streaking the shower head with watermarks. You are almost there. Just hold on to it!

Step 5: Fix it

Till now you have learned the ways of unclogging shower head, it’s time to click it back in place with the pipe. Check for any leakages and if you feel the shower head is still loose, use the plumber’s tape to tightly secure it in place.

Run it for a few minutes to check for any adjustments. And voila! You got yourself a brand new shower head.

What if you can’t take off the shower head from the pipe? Don’t worry! We have got you covered on unclogging shower head without removing it from pipe.

How to clean a clogged shower head without Opening?

Go through the following guide on cleaning the clogged shower head without any need of opening or removing it.

Materials needed to unclog the shower head:

  •         Baking soda
  •         Rubber bands
  •         Plastic bag
  •         White vinegar
  •         Cleaning cloth or rag
  •         Old toothbrush

Using these materials, you can clean your clogged shower head. You can use these steps for home based as well as professional shower heads and commercial style faucets. A step-by-step guide on how to descale a shower head adds more value in getting excellent results.

You may follow the following steps to clean clogged shower head without opening it:

Step 1:

Fill in a sturdy plastic bag with enough white vinegar solution (vinegar and baking soda) so that the shower head is completely submerged in it. Check out for any holes or debris in the plastic bag that might interfere with the reaction.

Step 2:

Climb on a shower chair if you have one to easily access the shower head. Now raise the bag carefully towards it until it’s thoroughly soaked into the solution and then tie the bag around the shower head with a rubber band.

Make sure to twist around the band several times to fasten it securely.

Step 3:

Leave it hanging for more than an hour or at least an hour. Remember! The longer you leave it in there, the cleaner it gets.

Step 4:

Untie the plastic bag and carefully remove it. Now turn on the shower and let it flow for a few minutes to wash down any leftover vinegar solution

This method completely rids you of any mineral deposits in your shower head for you to enjoy a quick burst of a shower.

We understand that most people are concerned with finding the perfect ways of unclogging shower head and its nozzles as well, that’s why you are also covered with the ways of cleaning your shower head nozzles as well.

How to clean clogged shower head nozzles?

Suppose you have one of those flexible rubber nozzles in your shower head. In that case, you are in luck because a sound and vigorous massage of each nozzle will rid you of the white flakiness.

These white flakes are hiding around the edges of the nozzles, which choke the flow of water. If it’s getting difficult for you to reach the edges with your fingers, a firm massage with an old toothbrush might do the trick.

But don’t just rely on this step alone for a squeaky-clean shower head. A bit harder push and pull will be required for the steam of free-flowing water.

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Things to avoid while cleaning the shower head?

Don’t use the bleach:

Everyone’s usual first instinct would be to pull out the bleach bottle and pour it in the shower head for the purpose of unclogging or cleaning it. But just wait, because scientists say that using bleach increases the number of bacteria by 3x.

So you need to look for some safe options just like mentioned in this guide.

Try to avoid commercial products:

Along with the promise of quick cleaning, a harsh chemical also damages the surface of the shower head in the long run. It may be tempting to use these commercial products, but most manufacturers warn against their use.

Coarse brushes:

Applying brute strength and muscle power are not what you need to get rid of the crusty white stuff from the surface of shower head. There are much gentler and comfortable options to save your time and energy along with getting a crystal clear showerhead.

That nylon brush may probably be a good option for the slippery floor, but not for your shimmering shower head.

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Essential tips to clean the clogged holes of the shower head:

  • Ventilation is essential for the circulation of fresh air. Remember to open windows so that smell passes out and doesn’t choke or irritate you
  • Clean the shower head at least once a month to prevent the growth of moulds and fungi. This way, you can enjoy monsoon rain right under your unclogged shower head
  • Scrub your bathroom surfaces at least once a week for a sparkling bathroom. You can use vinegar or any of the surface disinfectant, but try to buy an organic one as it may cause less harm to the environment
  • Don’t go crazy while scrubbing the chrome shower head with a harsh brush because you would scrape the sheen off. Be gentle and kind to it, so it stays with you for a long time in mint condition
  • Toss that bleach bottle out while cleaning your shower head. According to the research, using bleach is just like preparing a dinning table for microbes and bacteria to feast on. It is also harmful for human health as it irritates the skin and eyes

Closing Remarks:

By following all the steps, guides, precautions, and recommendations, you would soon be enjoying a satisfactory jet of the shower under your renovated shower head.

All the mentioned steps and processes are simple yet effective for descaling your faucet or shower head. By adhering those guidelines. you secure yourself with the grantee of having a thorough and satisfactory cleaning of your clogged showerhead.

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